USB Docking Station

GC-F03 USB-C Multifunctional Docking Station built-in M Key NVME SSD Slot

USB-C Multiport Docking Station built-in NVME SSD slot

Interface specifications:

Uplink USB-C 3.1(Gen2) port×1

Downlink USB-A 3.1(Gen2) port×3

Audio/Mic port×1

HDMI port×2

RJ45 network port×1

DP port×1

USB C 3.1(Gen2)port×1

Kensington lock slot ×1

Supports built-in M KEY NVME SSD Slot( Optional)

  • Product Description

    This is a USB C dock, support USB C to 2HDMI+DP MST display,support 3 USB3.1A devices connect together at the same time, meanwhile support external PD charger to charge the host computer and support Type-C interface to RJ45,support Type-C interface to 3.5mm Audio,supports built-in M KEY SSD (2TB)high-speed storage of massive data.

    USB-C uplink port*1

    Used to connect to a computer, USB3.1 standard cable, Cable 500 mm in length

    Support USB3.1 and down compatible USB3.0/2.0/1.1, up to 10Gbps transfer rate.

    When host computer supplying the power,output power is 5V/1.5AMax;When PD charging,output power is 20V/2.75A (5A max)

    USB3.1-A downlink port*3

    Used to extend connections for USB devices, such as U disk / mouse / keyboard / portable hard disk.

    Support USB3.1 and down compatible USB3.0/2.0/1.1, up to 10Gbps transfer rate.

    Output Power


    5V/1.5A Max,Type C interface PD 20V power supply)


    For connecting the display by the HDMI cable, output the display content of the computer

    Support rebuilding and extended display features function

    Maximum supported resolution 3840/2160/60 HZ, Downward Compatible Resolution ,Support MST function (3 display pictures, 2 HDMI different pictures and 1 computer picture; note: Apple computer does not have MST function, WINDOWS system can be changed by WIN key+P )

    DP *1

    For connecting the display by the DP cable, output the display content of the computer

    Support rebuilding and extended display features function,

    Supported maximum resolution:8K/60Hz

    RJ45 interface x 1

    Used to connect to the Internet through a network cable. Support 10/100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X, transmission rate :1000Mbps

    3.5mm Audio x 1

    3.5mm stereo audio output and MIC input interface, American Standard (CTIA)

    Downlink USB C interface x 1

    Used for data transfer,Max data transfer speed(10Gbps)

    20 V/3A (5A max) input power for power supply and charging host computer

    LED indicator light x 2

    Power indicator is red,hard disk indicator is blue, Power indicator light is always on ,copy data the indicator is shining.