USB Hub Adapter


USB Type-C Adapter


USB Type-C Adapter

Product Model:GC-H02a

Product MaterialAluminum alloy

Output interface: PD+DP                   

Input interface:USB3.0 TYPE C                       

Power supply:support quick charge agreement                                

Data port:USB-C male plug 

Product Sixe:56*22*10MM

  • 1. Product description

    Type-C Connectors described in this Technical Specification, Can be implemented in the Type-C interface, Support the DP-Alt notebook through the DP interface output computer display content, Maximum resolution supported:DP 7680*4320/60HZ, Downward compatible resolution;You can charge your laptop or mobile phone by type-c  

    Product Description

    This is a mini USB C docking station, supports USB-C male plug to DP, at the same time, it can charge the host computer or cellphone through an external PD charger

    USB-C uplink port x1

    Used to connect to a computer or cellphone, USB type-C 3.0 male plug

    Support USB3.0 and down compatible USB2.0/1.1, up to 5Gbps transfer rate.


    When host computer supplying the poweroutput power is 5V/1.5AMax;When PD chargingoutput power is 20V/2.75A max


    For connecting the display by the DP cable , output the display content of the computer

    Support for Reproduction and Extended Display Features

    Maximum support resolution 8K 7680*4320/165HZ, downward compatible resolution

    Downlink USB C interface x 1

    Support 20 V/2.75A (5A max)  max input power supply for charging type-C device and computer

    LED indicator light x 1

    Green, The corresponding indicator light is always on after the host computer does not reach the USB device

       2.Interface specifications:

    Uplink USB-C 3.0 male plug×1

    Downlink DP port×1

    USBC PD interface×1

    supporting agreement: Usb Type-C ,Usb PD3.0, DP1.4

      3. Power adapter support

    29Woutput14.5V/2A(PD)  5.2V/2.4A


    65Woutput20V/3.25A (5A max),15V/3A12V/2A5V/2A


      4. Product Specification

    Complete machine

    Overall Product Size



    Power consumption


    Working temperature

    0°C~ +40°C,

    Surface temperature


      5. Certification requirements

    Meet the CCC/FCC/CE/CB safety test standard about USB C docking station